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workout for hammock campers

The Hammock Camper’s Workout: Exercises to Prepare for Your Next Trip

Planning your next hammock camping trip? Whether you’re swinging between the trees at a nearby park or venturing into the backcountry, being in shape can make your adventure more enjoyable and safer. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to prepare physically for your hammock camping escapades. Why Exercise for Hammock Camping? Imagine this: you’re deep

sleeping in a hammock

The Science of Sleep in Hammocks: Why It’s Good for Your Back

Sleeping in a hammock might sound like something you’d do on a tropical vacation, but a growing body of research suggests it could be good for your back. Let’s dive into the science behind hammock sleep and discover why it might be time to swap your bed for a hammock—at least occasionally. Why Hammocks? The

hammock camping solo

Solo Hammock Camping: Tips for a Peaceful and Safe Adventure

Solo hammock camping can be a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, find tranquility, and recharge your batteries. But like any outdoor adventure, it requires some planning and preparation to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you

essential gear for hammock camping

Ultimate Gear List for Hammock Camping: Essentials + Luxuries

Ah, hammock camping! It’s the art of sleeping suspended, where the only thing between you and the cold, hard ground is a piece of fabric and some well-strung ropes. It’s like the furniture version of a tightrope walker—just a lot more relaxing and with significantly fewer clowns. So, if you’re planning to trade the traditional

lightweight hammock stand bracket

Building the Ultimate Hammock Stand for Backpacking

My journey to build the ultimate hammock stand for backpacking started on a Scout campout with my son. He had ACT in the morning while I was helping with the service project. I went to pick him up, and the other adults and boys went to take the swim test. When we returned, we still

hammock vs tent camping

Hammock vs. Tent Camping

If you’ve ever found yourself gearing up for a night under the stars, you’ve probably hit the same snag most adventurers have: hammock or tent camping? Both have their perks, but it’s not just about sleeping outside; it’s about how you want to experience the wilder side of life. So, grab your marshmallows, and let’s

hammock camping basics

Hammock Camping 101

Are you ready to take your camping adventures up a notch—well, up a tree? Hammock camping is a fun little twist on outdoor experiences, and this might even be a game changer for you! Just by swapping out that traditional tent setup for a comfy hammock, you can enjoy a unique blend of comfort and

hammock camping at the Haleakala National Park

The Ultimate Hangout: Top 10 Hammock Camping Locations in North America

Welcome to the swinging world of hammock camping! If you think camping is just about s’mores and getting tangled in tent ropes, think again. Hammock camping is the cool cousin that doesn’t play by the rules – it takes you off the ground and into the trees. And let’s be real, who didn’t want a

hammock camping by a stream

Introduction to Hammock Camping: Swinging into Adventure

Ah, hammock camping! Imagine gently swaying between two sturdy trees, snug in your cocoon, while the rest of the world rushes on without you. This isn’t just camping; it’s an upgrade! In this article, we’ll unravel the mysteries of hammock camping—from setting up your hammock haven to ensuring a great night’s sleep. So, grab your

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