Drifter's Loom

A Commitment to Innovation

Drifter’s Loom is committed to innovation, constantly exploring new designs and technologies to enhance the outdoor experience with superior, cutting-edge equipment.

A Passion for Exploring the Great Outdoors

With a passion for exploring the great outdoors and backed by over 30 years of experience, including a decade in scouting, Drifter’s Loom brings expert insights into every product designed for adventure enthusiasts.A Passion for Exploring the Great Outdoors

What’s Behind the Name?

“Drifter’s Loom” is a name rich with meaning, crafted to resonate with those who have a deep affinity for exploration and the outdoors. The term “Drifter” reflects a spirit of freedom and adventure—ideal for those who are drawn to roam freely and embrace the world’s vastness. “Loom,” on the other hand, evokes the meticulous crafting and weaving of materials, akin to how a traveler weaves together experiences into a rich tapestry of memories and stories. Together, “Drifter’s Loom” represents our commitment to creating products that support this lifestyle of exploration and relaxation, like our specially designed hammocks that provide comfort in the embrace of nature. This name encapsulates our vision of bringing the craft of adventure gear to life, supporting every traveler in their journey to explore, experience, and enjoy the world.

Current Prototyping

An Ultra Light Hammock Stand

Portable Backpacking Hammock Stands

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