Drifter's Loom

Day: July 5, 2024

footprints only leave no trace

Green Footprints: Embracing the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace

Imagine this: you’re hiking up a picturesque trail, the birds are singing, and the sun is shining. You reach the summit and the view is spectacular. But wait—what’s that? A pile of trash, right there at the top. Nothing ruins a perfect moment like someone else’s litter. This is where the Leave No Trace principles

wilderness first aid wrapping a sprained ankle

Wilderness First Aid for Camping and Hiking

Ah, the great outdoors! Nothing quite beats the thrill of camping and hiking, where the only WiFi you need is the wild fidelity of nature itself. But before you lace up those hiking boots and pack your s’mores supplies, there’s one crucial thing to remember: safety. Yes, the wilderness can be as unpredictable as my

water purification with filter

Top Water Purification Techniques for Hikers

Ah, hiking! The perfect blend of adventure, nature, and the constant risk of running out of snacks. But amidst all the excitement, there’s one essential element you can’t overlook: water. Keeping yourself hydrated while hiking is as crucial as not forgetting your toilet paper. And while Mother Nature provides stunning views, she doesn’t always serve

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